Pink Porcelain Facial Clay

Pink Porcelain Facial Clay

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Created by Nina of Little Lotus Elixirs.

Antioxidant rich blush colored mask minimizes pores, promotes a healthy, fresh looking face. Kaolin clay blends with Hibiscus, Aloe, and Sandalwood to deliver bright, soft, and clean feel to skin.

1.0 oz package. Contains 8+ uses. 

To Use: Add approx. 2 teaspoons (3 heaping scoops) of clay to glass or ceramic bowl*. Add 1 tsp liquid to mask and apply to dry, clean skin. 

For optimum benefits, add 1 tsp Rose water- 2 oz. bottles available as an add on! 

(Depending on skin type, you can choose to add this clay to organic yogurt, organic apple cider vinegar) 

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