Custom Home Artwork

Custom Home Artwork
Few things are more precious than our homes.
They give us comfort, warmth, and ...memories!
Displaying this art in your home will warm your heart for years to come.
Since I have opened my brick + mortar boutique so many of you have asked if/when I will offer custom artwork again. NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!
I will be taking order requests for a VERY limited window of time. Adding yourself to the waitlist does not guarantee when or IF I will be able to process your order before the window closes. Once I have invoiced you and received your payment, you are then guaranteed to receive your artwork.
These make great gifts! A new home, old home, a special place, lake house, childhood home, etc.
What is the process for ordering and creating items with custom home artwork?
  • Submit Waitlist Request by filling out the form below.
  • I will take orders on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • When/if I get to your name on the list I will email you and send an invoice.
  • Invoice must be paid and photos submitted within 24 hours or I will move on to the next person in the waitlist.
  • Photos of your home will need to be submitted to tonya@tolukapaper at within 24 hours of your invoice receipt.
  • A color digital proof (.pdf) will be created from photos sent and returned to you for approval/change requests. (Two rounds of edits are included in the design fee - additional edits are $20 each. Typically only 1 or less rounds of edits are needed)
  • Proof is approved and design is printed on the media chosen (art print, stationery, etc)
Minimum of three photos of home to be designed
- straight-on view
- angle from the left
- angle from the right
* These do not need to be submitted until invoice is paid...but it would be a good idea to have them ready be to ensure they are received within the 24hr ordering window.
- What details would you like to make sure are included? A special tree? Flowers? House number?
- Are there any details you would like excluded?
Is there additional text you would like added?
i.e. 'The Williams Family Established 2008'
Custom Home Designwork *
* This is for the design / artwork ONLY. The options for printed items are below.
  • $135 - 1 level home
  • $160 - 2 level home
  • $185 - 3 level home
  • $75  - Front door only
Printed items available:
Framable Print  - 8x10" - $20
Framable Print  - 11x14" - $25
Folded Stationery - $1.90 each card - min 20
Gift Tags - 
Notepad - 5x7" - $16.50
Moving Cards, Holiday Cards, etc - Ask for Quote
Any questions, please email me at


BOX : Any announcement, family name, or invitation text is also added at this time. Two round of edits are included in this stage. Typically only one (if that) is needed.

List price, what is needed and process that will be followed. Name added to the waitlist. No guarantee I will get to you, but I will keep you updated on where you are in the queue. Once you are notified and invoice is sent You will have 24 hrs to pay invoice and send the photos before I move on to the next person in the waitlist.  

8x10 Custom Home Print


List items house can be printed on. Make sure they tell the quantities for each item. 


Print, Gift Tags, Notecards

Front door option also $75 

 Price listed is for design only. Each item you choose to have the design printed on will be in addition to the design fee. You can choose as many or as few items to have your home printed.

Not all small details can be included in pic. If there is something specific you want to make sure is included note it here.  

8x10 Custom Print


Gift Tag 

What do you want in the bottom placard? Address? Family name? Year(s)?